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the road we're traveling...

This is a book. And it is a multimedia project that will grow and flourish indefinitely until it has reached its full potential. Through black and white photographs of landscapes paired with the personal stories of the authors, this project will impact a public discourse that has become harsh and hostile.

Polarized conversations often overheat and exhaust individuals and communities who then seek through a visual and literary representation of harshly-lit landscapes and the refuge of shade–of middle ground–that can be captured if you know how to see it. The content, composition, and curation of the photographs, writing, and accompanying art will remind individuals and communities that nuances of light can filter into our interactions with each other as we seek to find common ground rather than broken 

This project will influence the public discourse that seems to become increasingly polarized in a way that is harsh and hostile–much like a exposed landscapes where direct sunlight casts dark and broken shadows. 

Our multimedia project will contribute a meaningful perspective to a developing public discourse about how to find common ground in harsh environments–social, political, cultural, etc. In a world where people are often given opposing choices, it can be difficult to find common ground where there are shades of gray–neither black or white. The book, text, and exhibits will illustrate how individuals and communities can find refuge and balance in art, landscapes, and life. 

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