Jennifer Pritchard | Perennial Purpose

 Photo of Jennifer Pritchard by Ann Whittaker. Laguna Beach, spring 2017, superbloom walk.

Photo of Jennifer Pritchard by Ann Whittaker. Laguna Beach, spring 2017, superbloom walk.

It occurs to me that before diving in, I should elaborate a bit about me, Ann, and our “why”.  This is a considerate project born of a mutual change in circumstance, a bit of kismet, and two collaborative spirits committed to creating purpose and meaning in our own lives and maybe, if we are lucky, in others. We both believe in tolerance and acceptance without judgment and have found a synergy in using poles as a way to look at life’s challenges, to define paradoxes and to reach common ground in positive and optimistic ways.

Polarity has personal relevance for me. Navigating between two opposing properties is the foundation of my toolbox as I slide along continuums both personal and professional. I have only just learned to embrace the contradictory sides of myself - the passionate and compliant side searching for approval and acceptance while simultaneously tethered and restless.

Ann and my friendship evolved quickly from our first meeting at a photographic workshop in San Miguel de Allende. We are kindred spirits with shared enthusiasms, values and a currency of interests that transcend demographics. This pivotal moment, individual and together, inspired a collaboration centered on celebrating equilibrium. Collective spirits sharing that which we have in common versus that which keeps us apart - invested in an ideal that shines so brightly in these times of division.

Photography brought us together. Visual language was the first we spoke as image after image appeared on the screen before us. Words came later. Friendship later still. But respect for how we see was there from the start. A picture is either in focus - or it isn’t. I have found life is like that - experiences are not always in focus until time and distance clarify them. I understand now that we were meant to walk for awhile together.

Each of us have lives filled with extremes. These are Ann and my stories intended to shed light on how we have come together in the belief that what we share as humans is always greater than our differences. And, that it is our choice to place our focus there rather than on that which keeps us apart.