The Contours of Solitude: mapping the space between

The life line on my palm, a fleshy and broken contour, tells me that I will live two different lives. Reading palms doesn’t necessarily fit my logical proclivities, and yet, I feel as if I am hovering between what once was and an unknown destination. Years ago, my marriage ended as did my expectations for children and family life, I left my childhood religion, and soon thereafter left a corporate job that I thought I’d never leave. I had been on a steep uphill climb attempting a summit that would prove how devoted, how accomplished, and how worthy I was. I was following a linear map that promised to take me from point A to point B, but failed to illustrate the depth and complexities of a human life. I reached the edge of a cliff–and leapt. 

-Ann, excerpt from Paradox + Polarity: telling stories of light and dark through desert landscapes