The Ecology of Paradox: transitions of cadence

I grew up at the base of a granite mountain that stood honest, simple, solid, true. I grew up in a home of disconnect and discord–a father who told me that girls couldn’t be archeologists and a mother who used to pray for wings so she could fly away.  I lived in between these worlds of mountain and home–transitioning between two notes on a scale that I could not yet weave together. There was something alluring about the walk between my front door and the threshold of the mountain–I was walking a path that would create the geography of a life. I knew that music happened between notes–it is the distance, the relationships, and trust in uncertainty. You never quite know where you’ll land, but you have an intuition that the cadence, the arrival point, will resonate with your core being. 

-Ann, an excerpt from Paradox + Polarity: telling stories of light and dark through desert landscapes